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The Good The bad and The Horrible about Cheap Incall Escort Service in Delhi!

If I am alone and need company, either I prefer to call my friend over to my place or I would visit them. But it’s not always like this.

Some people are so hard-hit in their life with loneliness, that they are inclined more towards hiring someone from outside to spend time with.

In the series, Delhi escorts are the ones available as the best option to hire. But if you go out to hire some high-profile and educated escorts in Delhi, it will burn your pockets to ashes.

But there is an option to overcome this financial burning; It’s the cheap Incall escort service in Delhi. These incall services in Delhi are soft on your pockets and they claim to give you the escort service you request.

Read again: they claim to give…. Yes, I am absolutely right here.

We will discuss this later in this memo why I said here, first we will see the basics of it.

Exactly What is an Incall Escort Service?

Wondering what is ‘Incall escort service’ is? No need to; Just search for ‘incall meaning’ in the dictionary and you have only one meaning to it, ‘A visit by a client to a prostitute’.

Is it?


But all the time we are talking about ‘Incall ESCORTS service‘, so where goes the ESCORT. This means we are not looking for companionship, we are only looking for a bloody ‘FUCK’ in the pussy of a prostitute.

So basically, when we talk about the incall services in Delhi, it is clearly not about escort services; Just a visit to a prostitute’s place and getting a quick fuck with her. 

In clear words, incall services in Delhi are the sexual services offered by the pimps(दलाल) at a red light area(the location) where the customers of the sluts/whores/call girls come to get sexual favors or to fuck them in return of the money they pay

The incall services offered usually are measured in the units of ‘SHOTS‘ offered by a slut to her customer.

Shots are the number of times a customer can fuck that one particular whore.

Let’s say I am a customer and I want to fuck the whore available with the pimp twice; The pimp will demand a fixed amount of money to get 2 shots with a particular call girl of his brothel.

Funny but true: When I first tried to analyse the word INCALL, I remembered my college days when we passed through the GB Road area near Ajmeri Gate, New Delhi Railway Station, and saw many whores pounding their naked boobs out of their saree blouses and are signing the people with their hands to ‘call them intheir brothel(कोठा). And if you have seen that gesture from the hustlers in GB Road, trust me you will never need to read a definition of incall again.

As some wise man once said ‘Sign Language is the Universal Language

Why do People prefer to avail of Incall services in Delhi?

Delhi is a populous city with a population of around 33 Million people. Life is so busy in this city that you have hardly any time to balance your work and personal life.

And most of the people who prefer to hire a female to fulfil their sexual desires are the ones who are really tired of their professional life or are running dry in their personal sex life. In any case, they are short of time and are really in a hurry, and when you get something readymade, that’s bliss.

Incall services are readily offered to a customer who wants this.

It is like, you are passing by Pahadganj and you know there is a brothel at GB Road and you pay a quick visit there to fuck a lolita.

So a lot of people prefer to avail of escort services in Delhi from the call girls who offer sexual service in return for money.

How To Avail Incall Services in Delhi?

Incall service in Delhi is quite common nowadays, it is not a fruit on top of a tall tree. It is more like a fallen fruit from a tree which you can grab in the blink of an eye while walking down the street.

But remember a fallen fruit is mostly ruined under the dirty feet of many people who passed through the same path before you. It can also make you spoil your health.

As incall services are offered at the place of the pimps or the hokkers’. So here the question is more of; ‘Where are the brothels of these pimps or the women of the streets?

Well, the pimps of GB Road have moved a step ahead breaking the barriers, entering the 5-star arena of Delhi NCR. 

And this is the place you call the incall locations in Delhi.

Pimps converted OYO room hotels, small hotels in Paharganj, or hotels in Mahipalpur into incall locations for sex services in Delhi.

Not just the small-time hotels, but some of the famous 5-star hotels in Delhi are also converted into brothels by these pimps or agents. 

Once you call the agents for the incall locations, you will hear some common hotel names mentioned below:

These are just a few hotels to name which these low-life pimps use as their private brothels to operate this sex service or prostitution network. 

Why Were Five Star Hotels Chosen as the Incall Service Location in Delhi?

This all starts more than a decade ago when there were escort agencies in Delhi offering high-class model escorts in Delhi for companionship to elite-class people. These VIP guests used to ask escort agencies to book a 5-star property on their behalf; Common reason: is to avoid any hotel booking records that their wife or girlfriend can trace. 

These were the escort services where these high-profile guests used to spend a lot of time(usually a complete day or 6-8 hrs) with these elite models(actually the female escorts in New Delhi). 

Such dealings do not remain secret for long and this is where these low-life pimps started imitating these high-profile escort agencies in Delhi and started trading prostitution in 5-star hotels of Delhi NCR.

A common reason behind choosing a 5-star hotel for the purpose is to avoid police interference, and suspicion and moreover they can pretend to be escort service providers.

Every person is aware that only high-class people, elite businessmen, bureaucrats, and politicians visit and stay in 5-star hotels. So if they start operating their sex trade business in these 5-star hotels of Delhi, they will be like, ‘Hiding in Plain sight’.

Also, they pay bribes to some of the security staff or managers, or housekeeping personnel of these hotels to cooperate and let their prostitutes, sex workers, or client in and out smoothly without any hustle.

I remember one instance when I was talking to one of these pimps and he told me while he was a housekeeping person in Hyatt Regency Delhi Bhikaji Kama Palace. A pimp used to pay him 1200 rupees each day they check-in into the hotel, and he used to let their client come up to the floor they have booked a room on. 

So all-in-all they found a comfortable place to run their hard-core prostitution network in these 5-star hotels and started treating these hotels as their private brothels.

The Good About Incall Escort Services in Delhi

Every coin is having 2 sides, one positive and one negative. It all depends on the POV of the viewer. So whatever is about the incall services in Delhi, there are few good things about these services.

When we talk about the positive side of incall services(not to call incall escort service in Delhi) in Delhi it’s all about the easiness that the customers of the sex workers get.

There are 3 positive parts of having an escort service in Delhi; Namely:

  1. For customers looking for call girls in Delhi, who do not want to visit the famous and fearsome red-light areas like GB Road, these services are bliss. You do not have to hide your face and identity while visiting the sex workers or the call girls in Delhi. All these call girls are available to give you sexual services where normal, reputed, and white-collar people frequently visits the whole day.

Visiting these places is like a cakewalk, and you do not even have to worry about your security(As most of the time people are looted in red-light areas like GB Road). 

But with these incall services iN Delhi at places like some reputed hotels, you know that no big gang of thieves can be inside a hotel room (Exceptions are always there).

2. Hiring a call girl and then booking a place to take her, dealing with the hotel guy, showing IDs, and paying the hotel from your pocket; Seems like a battle. But it is not like this when you are hiring incall services in Delhi

As the agents or pimps of the bimbos have already booked a room in the hotel, it saves you all the struggle. 

You don’t have to nag with any hotel reception guy to provide you room for a few hrs.

Also, you do not have to pay for the room.

Your identity is to yourself and you are not giving it to anyone.

Visiting hotels without showing your identity is totally illegal and may land you in trouble someday” We do not encourage visiting hotel rooms without proper identification process

With all this hustle into non-existence, you are not having any banking record or hotel booking records in your name; You are safe from your girlfriend or wife.

We are strictly against anyone cheating on their partners just for sexual pleasures

So the story is; You save money and remain off the record with any booking of hotels or lodges keeping yourself away from issues with your girlfriend or wife.

3. As we say: Time is money. While you go through the normal process of booking a call girl in Delhi, it takes a long and time-consuming process. Contacting some agents > asking for pictures > shortlisting them > negotiating > booking a hotel room > waiting for the female to arrive > and then Ding Dong.

Seems like a flow chart of a big Multinational Organisation’s project. OMG.

So the best part of hiring services at incall locations in Delhi is, breaking the flow chart and saving time. Just call the agent > Ask for location > Drive down there > Bingo.

Easy and short. 

This saves you a lot of time and the better part is you can do this while on your way back to home in the evening after long office hours. 

Or, you can just pay a visit at lunchtime and back to the office. So quick and easy.

Definitely, the incall services in Delhi save a lot of time for anyone who wants call girls services in Delhi.

So, in the Good part of availing of incall service in Delhi is NO FEAR to visit their places, no fear of exposure to your spouse with hotel booking, and Saves a lot of your time.

But it is never like you will get a melon without seeds. If there is sweet juice in there, then there must be seeds to slow you down and avoid getting sick. 

If incall services are so good then why other services are required or why even they exist?

Will discuss this later in this first we will know the shady part of it.

The Bad about the Incall Escort services in Delhi

Before we discuss the negative side of incall services, let me tell you that these services are only sexual services and nowhere related to escort services in Delhi.

In incall, these are the sex workers, call girls, sluts, and whores from every part of the city who are waiting with their legs wide open for you to come and remove all your frustrations in there. 

You can have sex with them, and you are done. These are not the escort girls who can give you mental relaxation with their soothing talks and lovely voice. Instead, you will hear

Jaldi karo ek aur client aane wala hai

Quite funny!!

Although there are 100 shades of Grey for incall services we will tell you the most important 5 Shady truths about these incall services in Delhi.

1. Let’s start with what is on the menu; Or what is finally served.

If I will tell you this in words then is really hard to explain, unless you have experienced it yourself. It is better understood with the picture below.

Escort Services in Delhi

So the story begins with luring someone looking for escort service in Delhi with pictures of high profile models, elite girls, or real and genuine escorts in Delhi (But from other agencies). And none of these images are really concerned with the real ones that are available at their place.

The agents send numerous tempting and alluring model pictures to the customers and offer very cheap prices like 6k(Six thousand), 8K, 10K 12K for a shot(remember this word *SHOT*). and 12k to 18K for 2 shots or 15k to 25k for a night.

It is obvious to fall for their cheap prices and exquisite models(images as of now). And If I were you; I have already taken my ride to their place, and so people do.

Once you land at their place You will find a beauty queen who either went past the age to be the beauty queen or a beauty queen of some slum area. 

I tried it many times but not a single time the girl and the picture shown earlier were the same. And if they were the same then the image clicked was ages ago.

I remember an instance when I went to Hyatt hotel at Bhikaji Kama Palace, where one agent is having a room booked and showed me a beautiful girl with a snake tattoo on her left breast.

I went in there, I really found the same person there; the Only difference is the picture was clicked when she was 18 and now her kid must be of similar age!!!

And what the agent was telling me, match the tattoo. I told him back, ‘Man, the snake in the tattoo seems to be slim and on the body, it is much fat now, maybe the snake has grown old.’.

So, whenever you are willing to take incall services be ready for the surprises of this switch-bate kind of game.

Although many of these pimps are not showing pictures nowadays and ask the customers to come directly and see the girl.

So the positive part of incall just vanishes here when you are not in fear of walking down the dark den of fear and uncertainty.

2. Apart from the uncertainty of what you are offered and what you are getting there is much more inside the dark chamber of incall services in Delhi.

While you search online, your query is for ‘escort service in Delhi‘, and not for ‘prostitutes in Delhi‘ or ‘Low-class call girls in Delhi‘. 

But you are really not aware that in the name of escort service, these low-life pimps are offering some traded females working as prostitutes.

Before we go deep into this, we should know the definition of escorts and the nature of escort services in a better way.

Escorts or escort girls are not prostitutes and they do not offer sexual services. Instead, they are the girls, models, females, housewives, or working ladies who offer their companionship to people feeling lonely and have no one to spend quality time with.

These females or ladies do charge for the amount of time someone hires them for but there is no commitment of sex in this. Although these females are legally adults and are free to choose and decide who they can get physical with or not. So in case there develops a bonding that carries them to an extent where physical acts are initiated, it is all due to affection and emotions between the two legal adults meeting.

It’s like you offered a date to someone and then you carried away and reached the peak of love and pleasure with each other.

So when someone hires an escort in Delhi then they are committed to ‘how much time the escort will spend with you’.

On the other hand when you look for incall service in Delhi then you will be asked or offered, ‘the number of shots the girl will do’.

Here shots are the sexual encounters with the female in their brothel.

So it is clearly stated that incall services in Delhi are not escort services in Delhi.

It is very clear that ‘escorts’ are not offered for incall services and do not get lured for ‘models’, ‘elite girls’ or even ‘celebrities’ at incall services. 

It’s all a trap, Fake, Bogus.

3. Not actually escort girls, not actually high profile models, not actually elite girls.

It’s Terrible.

yes! it is.

And more than this, you will be surprised to know that most of these girls are traded and part of human trafficking. 

Hardly 10% of these call girls in Delhi available at incall locations of various pimps are actually doing this by their own will.

90% of these females are bought by these agents and pimps from various human trafficking networks to work for them.

And not to mention that what we call a sexual encounter happens without consent(R-A-P-E).

So 9 out of 10 times, you can consider yourself a sexual offender or rapist when you avail of incall service in Delhi.

Imagine, someday some of these girls will be rescued by the respective authorities and then everyone who was involved in the sexual act with these girls will be charged with non-consensual sex charges, and the police knock at your door. 

Your wife, children, neighbors, and relatives; will be having numerous questions for you. 

Will you be able to answer them? 

Can you ever face your family, your parents, your wife, or children with the same pride and honor you used to do? 

Will you be able to walk down your street with chin-up and look eye-to-eye with all your neighbors? 

Can you sit in the community chats on weekends in the park of your society?

And not just this, will your parents, children, or other family members get the same respect from society as they used to get?


A clear answer to all the above questions.

Although every person is free to do whatever they want to do, some businesses should be done privately and with discretion. And moreover, it’s about not stepping over the cliff, and minding the boundaries. 

So it is better to spend more money and hire some high profile, self-agreed, self-motivated bold females instead of the forced and exploited ones.

This will give you much more peace of mind and you will not have to live in the fear of facing any of the above-mentioned situations.

So it is better to either avoid incall services or choose some elite and VIP escort service provider in Delhi for your relaxation.

4. Let’s assume that you will not encounter the above-mentioned situation and meet a prostitute at the place who is willing to do this.

You must be thinking, what’s bad with this?

Although this is nothing bad, it’s during the session.

You must have asked the agents or pimps about the services you will get.

Did you?

Now don’t tell me you have not asked. Because if this is the case then you are a person who is satisfied with anything or everything in the world. 

But if you have asked about the services, you would never have heard a No from the agents, for any services. They will commit you to everything you ask for.



Yes, and by the scam word, I literally mean a real-time scam, which you can not even raise a voice against.

Let’s understand it deeply.

When you call an agent and ask for incall service, they will tell you a price of XX Rupees for 1 shot, YY Rupees for 2 shots, etc.

And they will tell you FULL SERVICE.

Now your imagination powers are dreaming of : 

Kissing tongue to tongue

A great blow job

body-to-body cuddling

kissing all over the body

playing with her titties

watching her moan when you finger her

and licking on the G-spot

coming over her breasts and body

coming on her face

coming in her mouth

and watching her swallow your juice

sometimes you even thought of pounding her in the ass

Perfect foreplay.. and so on


These are all the services YOU ARE DREAMING OF

But the truth is, they are offering a SHOT

And in their dictionary SHOT means literally ‘One fuck inside the Pussy’

When you actually encounter these call girls or sex workers at some incall locations in Delhi, they will remove their clothes instantly. Breaking your dream of undressing her with your own hands.

And she will lie straight on the bed to let you climb over her and take your turn.

Thats it.

Amazing it is!!! No!!

Well, this is the harsh reality of incall services offered in Delhi by these agents and their so-called high profile call girls in Delhi.

There is only false commitment of services on offer, but in real time there are no such exclusive and exciting services. It’s all the same scene that you experience inside a Kotha of GB Road. The only difference is, you are experiencing it inside a 5-star hotel room this time.

So GB Road or no GB Road, they are offering the same kind of services – Pathetic – Disappointing – Not worth your hard-earned money.

People come to us telling us their worst experiences with these incall service agents and girls.

Many of them are even disappointed and anguished when they ask for their money back and these agents refuse to pay. And when you hear their reason you will be even shocked.

The agents simply replied according to one of our clients: “Ladki ne kapde to utar diye, ab aapke paise khatam, aap kaam nahi karo to ab hamari galti nahi hai.”(The girl has removed the clothes and so all the money you have paid has been consumed, it’s not their mistake if you are not willing to fuck her.)

So according to some of these customers, they simply plan this, to make the girl remove her clothes quickly and then if the customer refuses to continue because he was not getting services as committed then they have a perfect reason to refuse a refund.

As the sex trade is not legal in India, so all the transactions are legally not valid and the clients really can’t complain to the authorities. Even some guys did complain and they got these cheapster pimps and their madams arrested.

But in 99% of the cases, the situation is unchanged.

So better to be safe than to regret.

It is good to avoid incall services in Delhi and hire some independent escort in Delhi. As independent escorts are always on their commitment and provide services that they offer and all the services are told clearly beforehand. And also the clients were made aware of services that they do not offer.

So another shady and disappointing fact is revealed here about the incall services.

5. Now let’s assume that things are going fine in all the situation for you and none of these bad happened to you and you reached the call girl in their room and she even agreed to give you some if not all of the services. Then let’s talk about the emotions and feeling that you want to experience there.

Most of the people who are looking for Delhi escorts are actually looking for some female partners they can spend quality time with and they expect emotional support and humanitarian feeling while they are along. 

A genuine escort in Delhi is one who spares time from her routine life and meets her clients on weekends or specific days with a scheduled appointment and they spend quality and luxurious time with each other. 

These females are the best escorts in Delhi, who meet a couple of clients during a week or upto 4-5 clients in a month.

On the other hand, the call girls or the prostitutes available at the incall locations of the pimps or agents meet at least 6 customers to 10 customers in a day. And these low-life pimps even make them work during their menses (monthly periods of the girls).

So if we roughly calculate the average of (8 customers a day X 30 Days a month) ~ these call girls providing incall services are meeting 240 plus customers in a month and approximately 3000 customers in a year.

Here not to mention that these prostitutes are working for many years the same way. So if you meeting a call girl who is working for 3 years then you are her Customer number 8641.

So a person(call girl) having sex 8640 times in 3 years only is having how much feelings inside her? Or even she is having a little feeling inside her?

Believe me, if you are getting the service of such a call girl in the name of escort service, then you are meeting a dead-meat walking in front of you.

This is the biggest fall back of incall services on offer in Delhi. You are meeting call girls ruined several thousand times in a year and you want them to behave like a loving girlfriend. 

So this seems like trying to kiss Moon in broad daylight.

There are many more dark secrets inside this shady business. Will update you more about it in the near future for that you can follow up and stay updated with us. You can subscribe to our newsletter or become a part of our whatsapp community for the latest updates related to escort services in Delhi.

Now if you have experienced some terrible moments learning the negative shades of incall escort service in Delhi, you must be thinking this is what the horrible was.

But, NO.

The worst is yet to be told.

And trust me when I will give you the slightest hint of the horrific part of incall services then you will be getting goosebumps.

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