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How Much Do It cost

Epicurean Pricing For a Voyage With Elite Model Escort in Delhi

Independent Escorts
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Per Meeting(onwards)

Rising Models
high class independent delhi escorts

1.25 Lacs

Per Visit(onwards)

Established Models
vip model escorts service Dlehi

4.5 Lacs




Independent / Model Escorts


Clients Served
You Got Questions

Know Details about Charges

Why Independent escorts are Costly in Delhi?

Independent escorts are the ones whose client meeting are less frequent. So they charge higher than other regular escorts.

Other escort agencies have better looking girls at cheaper price. Why should we take service from your agency?

When you are looking for Premium Services then negotiations are on service offerings and not on monetary part. So you can request for some addons in services like an extra 30 minutes or some services like cuddling etc.

Is it worth Spending this much Money?

Adrenaline rush is something that cause excitement in body and mind. So ask your mind if that excitement is necessary for you? If your mind demands that adrenaline by hiring elite escorts or Instagram model escorts or some celebrities then YES! ITS WORTH IT

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The Prices mentioned here are the minimum cost, and goes upwards, as per requirement or different person. As we are working with only Independent girls and elite models, charges vary from person to person and may be higher that the standard pricing structure mentioned here.

1 Hr



~ intro and 1 feast

1 hr 30 min

Coffee Date


~ Drink & 1 feast

2 Hrs

Extended Pleasure


~ Foreplay & 1 Feast

3 Hrs

Double the Game


~ 2 Feast

Overnight (upto 6 hrs)

Complete Pleasure


~ 3 Feasts & 6 hrs max stay

Some Extras You Like

Added  Pleasure


~ Shower Together


~Extra Fetish(lingrie, Dressing etc)

Cracking the Code: Decoding Delhi Escorts Charges

Welcome to the glamorous world of Delhi escorts, At Tulika Jain escorts, companionship of high-class and elite girls comes with a price tag that’s as enticing as the experience itself. Our mesmerizing escorts are here to make your time memorable, but let’s talk money, honey! Before you get cozy with one of our fabulous escort girls, let’s break down the nitty-gritty of Delhi escorts charges.

Delhi Escorts Charges – Where Glamour Meets Wallet Wisdom!

Hold your horses, folks! While our escorts are all about keeping you company, sparking up conversations, and entertaining you like there’s no tomorrow, it’s not a free ride. Every smile, every laugh, and every moment of bliss comes with a price. So, before you dive into the magical world of escort girls from Tulika Jain, take a peek at the charges and ensure your wallet is ready for the adventure.

The Financial ABCs of Delhi Escorts For Elite Entertainment

Now, let’s clear the air – escort service is not synonymous with prostitution (totally wrong and unacceptable, Delhites!). If you’re thinking of budgeting for cheap thrills, think again. When it comes to elite or high-profile female escorts in Delhi, it’s time to put on your financial investigator hat and understand the costs involved.

Every escort is unique, just like their charges. Some may come with a more budget-friendly price tag, while others are a bit more lavish like Tulika Jain. Before you hit the book button, give a glance at the charges of our Delhi escorts to ensure the perfect match for your desires.

Money Talks: Why Independent Escorts are Worth Every Penny!

Now, let’s talk about the big question – why do independent escorts in Delhi command a higher fee? It’s simple economics, my friend. Your demands from an escort are directly proportional to the money you’re willing to shell out. Got a modest budget? You’ll find some charming companions within reach. But if you’re ready to splurge for top-notch entertainment, welcome to the universe of high-profile independent escorts, model escorts, and elite babes.

The Extravagance of Model Escorts in Delhi

Hold your breath, because we’re about to enter the realm of luxury – model escorts in Delhi. These aren’t your average companions; they’re the crème de la crème, reserved for the high rollers of society. With beauty and class to maintain, their charges are a reflection of the exclusive services they offer. Think of them as high-maintenance escorts, fit for the crème de la crème of Delhi’s business elite.

So there you have it – the behind-the-scenes of Delhi escorts charges. Buckle up, adventurers, as you go on a journey where glamour, desire, and finance dance together in a tantalizing tango!


Behind the Velvet Curtain: Settling the Bill for Delhi Escort Services

So, you’ve decided to indulge in the world of elite Delhi escorts – a world where fantasies become reality and transactions are as discreet as a cat in the night. Let’s talk money matters and explore the various ways you can settle the bill for the delightful services offered by beautiful escorts at Tulika Jain Delhi escorts.

Cash is King, but Discretion is Queen!

When it comes to shelling out the big bucks for elite model escorts in Delhi, we get it – discretion is key. Nobody wants their family to stumble upon a transaction that could rival a small-scale business deal. Fear not, as we’ve got you covered with the golden rule – paying in cash. It’s like a secret handshake, ensuring your indulgence remains your little secret. Of course, the choice is yours, and if you prefer the digital dance, we’ve got a playlist ready for you!

Rupees, Dollars, or Cryptos – Paying for Pleasure in Your Flavor of Money!

While cash is king, we don’t mind if you want to flaunt your financial diversity. Pay for our independent escorts in Delhi in Indian Rupees, US Dollars, Singapore Dollars, AUD, GBP Pounds, Euros, Rubles, AED, or some Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, USDT or any of your choice. We’re like a global currency exchange for your wildest dreams!

Time is Money – Understanding the Currency of Time in Escort Sessions!

What’s a Couple of Hrs?

A quick rendezvous for up to 2 hrs – that’s what a couple of hrs means in the enchanting world of our Delhi escorts. Dive into a single session of pure delight, or request more rounds to keep the party going. Just give us a heads up, and we’ll adjust the charges accordingly. Your wish is our command!

What’s an Overnight Session?

Picture this: a dinner date that seamlessly transitions into breakfast or a luxurious 6-8 hrs of full-service extravaganza. It’s your time to shine, and you’re free to customize your experience. Want more sessions? Just let us know, and we’ll make it happen. The standard is 2 or 3, but hey, who’s counting?

Jet, Set, Go: Traveling Outstation with Our Escorts

Ready for an adventure beyond the city limits? Take our Delhi escorts with you on a round trip, complete with an overnight stay at your desired city. Of course, luxury comes at a price – you’ll need to cover a 5-star hotel stay, meals throughout the journey, return air travel, and the chauffeured dance from home to the airport and back. It’s a full-package deal for the jet-setters!

And there you have it – a crash course in settling the bill for your escapade with Delhi escorts. Whether you choose the discreet charm of cash or the digital allure of online payments, rest assured, your secret is safe with us!

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